Covid-19 antigen test for travel, now just $5

Approved rapid Covid test for travel. Verified results in 2 hours.

Approved rapid Covid test for travel. Verified results in 2 hours.

Approved antigen test for travel

How our antigen tests for travel work

Easy to order...

Order your antigen test for travel in just a few minutes. We'll let you know how to register your test kit so you can use it. Remember, you must ensure that you take your test in the correct timeframe for your destination country so that it's valid.

With our free shipping, you'll receive your Covid-19 tests in 2-6 business days. If you need it faster, you can choose our expedited shipping option and get your tests in just 1-2 business days. If you order before 11am EST (Mon-Fri), we'll dispatch your test on the same day!

PCR Testing

...even quicker to test!

You'll need to check the requirements of your destination to ensure you take your test in the right timeframe. Then when it's time, simply follow the instructions to swab and take your test.

After uploading your test result to your account, we'll provide you with an official travel document that shows proof of your Covid-19 status in less than 2 hours. You can download your documents and upload them to VeriFLY, for easy check-in with American Airlines and other major carriers.

LFD Testing

Rapid Covid test for travel

Covid-19 test requirements

Most popular destinations and cruises accept our Covid-19 antigen test for travel. You'll need to double-check the requirements and the timeframe in which you must take the testClick here to find out the rules for your destination.

Accepted by airlines & cruises

Our Covid-19 antigen test is accepted and recommended by airlines such as American Airlines and British Airways. Major cruise lines also accept our rapid Covid test for pre-travel testing, so you can travel with ease.

About our test

  • Our ACON Flowflex antigen test is approved for use and is valid for travel to countries that accept rapid antigen tests.

  • After submitting your results, you'll get an official travel certificate providing proof of your Covid-19 status in 2 hours.

  • Free shipping, or choose our expedited service and get it faster.

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