The importance of event Covid testing

The pandemic forced meetings and business events to adapt to being fully virtual, but with the return of in-person activities and meetings, pre-event testing is necessary to reduce the risks of positive Covid-19 cases. Event Covid testing programmes will allow events, conferences, and large business meetings to resume safely and continue into the future. Managing the risk of transmission will enable all employees to attend in-person events.

Benefits of in-person meetings

It has been proven that in-person meetings and conferences facilitate employee growth and are beneficial for overall business performance. 

  • Having face-to-face meetings with a client demonstrates that you value their time and business which makes the group feel confident to rely on your support.

  • In-person meetings give you the chance to connect as a real person or team, rather than talking through a phone or video conference. This gives you a deeper connection to the potential client which will facilitate business.

In addition to these two big benefits of in-person meetings, there are many other positive factors such as, but not limited to, creating lasting connections, getting more inspiring ideas and enhancing overall networking powers.

How to ensure events are Covid secure?

With all of these benefits in mind, it is clear that there is a big reason for keeping events running. How can this be guaranteed? Through pre-event testing.

Pre-event testing for COVID-19 helps to reduce the risk of infectious individuals coming on-site and transmitting the virus at an event. Ultimately this testing reduces the likelihood of an outbreak situation which allows event coordinators to feel confident about hosting groups of people at one location.

What are your options for pre-event testing?

  1. At-home testing

  2. On-site testing

There are a few risks associated with on-site testing. Firstly, you could bring an infected individual to the site of the event and then they make contact with others attending at the testing facility. Additionally, on-site testing facilities can become overcrowded when individuals all rush to the event at the same time (right before the event starts) and the long lines will cause frustration among the event attendees.

Qured's event testing

Given these slightly problematic factors of on-site testing, Qured has designed at-home pre-event testing that will allow for smooth, safe and reliable testing for event participants. We do this through providing companies with multiple testing options, such as bulk antigen testing or Covid voucher schemes. This means we can support you regardless of your employee setup, remote or in-office.

Our simple results management tool for event organizers allows you to quickly see who has or hasn't tested. We have supported numerous groups, from yoga retreats to church camps to company yearly meetings. 

The Qured testing service delivers fast, accurate antigen testing to give organizers the assurance they need through:

  • Rapid and connected test results in minutes

  • Portable and flexible solutions for off-site testing setup

  • Affordable and scalable testing

Qured is a specialist coronavirus testing provider for events and businesses. We deliver bespoke solutions to ensure that your conference, meeting, festival or business is COVID-secure. Find out more here.

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